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HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine
HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine
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    HM-ZD6418E/CAutomatic rigid box making machine
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    2018-11-26 14:31:48
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  • Hongming machinery mainly produce Automatic rigid box machine, rigid box maker, rigid box line, glueing machine, box wrapping machine, box maker, ect. These machines are widely used to making rigid box, fancy box, custom box, cell phone boxes, chocolate boxes, etc.
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HM-ZD6418 Automatic Rigid Box Line

     HM-ZD6418 Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine, is the most advanced fully auto box machine by our company. It is suitable to make various types of rigid boxes for mass production, such as shoe boxe, mobilephone box, jewellery box, wine box, sloped box, slip case box (optional), clamshell box (optional), etc.

     The wrapped box’s max height is 190mm (C) and 130mm (E), with max folding-in depth being 100mm.

     This machine adopts Germany ORMON PLC and man-machine control, electric eye tracing system, hydraulic pneumatic rectifying system, and can automatically feed coverpaper, feed greyboard, paste four corners, spot greyboard, lift box, wrap box, fold corner edges and form box.

     The feeder, gluer and conveyor are driven by Japanese Yaskawa network servo (C) or ASDA pulse servo (E) which has continuously variable transmission and enjoys high accuracy, easy adjusting, and less time consumption. Double color conveyor can avoid changing to other color belt, which is Hongming’s patent. The spot unit adopts Switzerland micro throttle valve, high-accuracy lead-screw (C) or square tooth lead-screw (E) for rectifying, enhancing the spotting accuracy to within 0.2mm. The forming unit employs Germany REXROTH linear slider and virtual cam driving sysyem, guaranteeing the stable quality and fluent movement.

This whole machine only needs 1 or 2 operators and outputs about 1500-2100 boxes/hour.


 Features and function:

1. Suit to all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production;


2. Computer control with error auto stop and display;

3. Adopt Japanese Yaskawa network servo and Germany ORMON PLC;

4.Automatically change mould(optional);

5. Automatically feed paper and greyboard;

6. 24-hours control for glue pre-heating;

7. Input 300 product formula, and add 2G memory SD card(optional);

8. Automatically cut and heat tape to paste the greyboard box’s quad stayer (four corners), with independent man-machine control;

9. Spotter by electric eye tracing system and hydraulic pneumatic recifying system to spot correctly (spotting accuracy ≤0.2mm);

10. Wrapper can automatically and continually deliver box, wrap paper, fold corner edge, fold in and form box;

11. Automatic control system for glue viscosity(optional).



 Technical parameters:

Automatic rigid box machine,cardboard box machine, paper box machine, cosmetic box machine

1.The max. size and the min. size of box are determined by the max. and min. size of paper. A(Min.)<w+2h+2t+2rRigid box making machine, Rigid box maker, Rigid box lineNote:

2.The production speed of the rigid box line is determined by the box size, paper and greyboard materials.
3.Seller doesn’t provide air compressor. ( 8 atm=0.808mpa, 7.5KW compressor is needed)
4.Item 5, item 6 and item 8 are optional device.
Rigid box making machine


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